Wednesday, August 30, 2017

One crazy post by one crazy gal!

While returning from my workout today, I just stopped dead in my tracks as I spotted these rich red, plump looking tomatoes with their stalks still attached. These are the local variety and I especially love the tanginess they add which takes the tastiness factor of any dish many notches higher than usual. I was so bewitched, I know bewitched is a strong word for something as simple as tomatoes, but hey, I'm a tomato lover so empathize, alright? Anyway, I began picking them and dropping them in a basket when, thankfully, I zapped back to reality and realized that I didn't have my wallet on me. Duh!

Sheepishly, I stood upright and tried not to show any emotions. And then switching to the Schwarzenegger in me I told the lady vendor that, I'll be back. Either she hadn't watched The Terminator or was so desperate for a sale because as soon as I said that, she started bargaining and offered the tomatoes for a lesser price! Embarrassing as it all was, I convinced her that I didn't have any money and would pick up my wallet and be back.

And back I was. Bought two kilos of the most desirable and juiciest looking things, although I already had a kilo of regular tomatoes at home. Hey, you can't have too many tomatoes, that's unheard of bro! Here, take a look at my prize!

And now, I'm off to googling tomato recipes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Green Tokri - An Amazing Farm Tour

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored/promotional post. The views expressed here are my own.

Perhaps everyone of us living in Pune must have come across Green Tokri products in the market. As a family, we particularly love their salad leaves, basil pesto, tomato pesto, pasta sauce and strawberry jam. But after this farm tour, we have had the chance to come up close and personal with the farm itself and some of their other products that are absolutely lip smacking! Most importantly, we now know the source of these products and the kind of love and dedication that goes behind producing the same.

Green Tokri is a farm in the outskirts of Pune where all kinds of exotic vegetables like salad leaves, celery, name it, are grown. Having been planning from a long time, we finally had a weekend date set for a farm tour, that we are all so looking forward to.

We needed to reach the farm ideally by 9:30 am, the tour begins at 10:00 am. From Kondhwa, we climbed the Bopdev ghat and onwards, following Google Maps all the way. You will be sent directions, once you book the tour. It did seem like the farm is in the middle of nowhere but we kept driving. Of course, it would have been helpful if there were some sign boards from the main road for visitors to follow. Anyway, once we reached (armed with caps, sun glasses, sunscreen etc), we were welcomed with a cool, refreshing strawberry drink. The Farm Manager, Mr. Khan (or 'K' as he liked to be called) began explaining the different types of salad leaves and herbs grown there. I didn't even know so many varieties of salad leaves even existed! K prepared a salad for all of us to taste which was lip smacking! Don't believe me? You've got to taste it to believe it! And then we went ahead with our tour.
Types of Salad Leaves

First stop, the Greenhouse. This is where cucumbers, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes grow in a controlled environment. Mr. K meticulously explained the process of cultivating, irrigating and pest control for the plants. Children were encouraged to pick cherry tomatoes to take home. 

The Greenhouse

There were a number of fruit trees outside the greenhouse. Among them were avocados. They grow a few varieties of avocados, we could see some up on the trees. We then headed towards the section where the salad leaves had taken over the landscape. These leaves are grown in open spaces throughout the year, irrespective of the season. The medley of colors of the leaves was beautiful. We were allowed to pick lettuce to take home. They have strawberries and during the season. Visitors can pick them too.

The next stop was the Nursery where K gave us a glimpse of  little salad leaves saplings and other vegetable saplings. He also explained how meticulously his workers work each day to ensure timely plantation. The children were then taken to plant a sapling each, while the adults shopped for some of the fresh produce available like celery, spinach, kale etc.

Exotic veggies for sale

It was around one in the afternoon by then and we were famished. Lunch was to be served in a different place. We were taken to a farm house in a tractor, yes you read it right, a tractor! The ride was fun, needless to say. Arriving at the farmhouse, our lunch was laid out and ready. What a scrumptious spread indeed! They had bread, Green Tokri dips, pickles, fruits and much more. As we were gorging on the deliciousness, K, ever so sweetly, prepared pasta for all of us with different combinations like pasta with basil pesto, with mayonnaise etc. We had our fill to the maximum! To think that you could actually feel full eating salad and veggies...well, it is something you should go visit and experience for yourself!
A small part of the scrumptious lunch!

After lunch, we were given two free gifts (Green Tokri products) for each ticket. Besides the gifts, we also purchased some of their other goodies too.

Green Tokri products for sale

The crowd then headed towards the playground area in the farm house which kept the kids busy, as we parents relaxed. It was around 3 at noon when we finally bid adieu to the lovely place and an amazing experience. Mr. K and his wife, Eliza were perfect hosts!

It is a unique experience, to visit a farm especially for children. In my opinion, Green Tokri is a revolutionary venture. They introduce exotic vegetables to our Indian homes and also encourage us to include a proper salad to our daily diet. Do try out Green Tokri products, especially their pickles. I honestly believe, the pickles have the power to transform a salad from dull to delicious! The products are tasty and healthy at the same time. All in all, highly recommended products and a highly recommended trip!

If you are interested in booking a farm tour, click here.
Visit their website here.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Paperboat has gone nuts!! (Product review inside!)

I love Paperboat products. They are new, different and the best part is one can always relate to childhood memories. That connection is what makes the beverages taste better, I believe. Well, Paperboat has now branched into snacks and its first offering is .... wait for it..... Paperboat chikki! 


Speaking of childhood memories, I remember mine in Delhi where winters were the chilliest and the season's goodies, the yummiest. Be it chikki, gajak or revadi, the mere mention of these were enough to make our mouths water! 

Paperboat chikkis are a delicious mixture of peanuts and jaggery (although some sugar is added) which is not hard and is easily cracked to share it with loved ones. Healthy and yummy, with a pocket friendly price, it is the perfect winter snack!

Sadly, I don't have more pictures of the chikki Paperboat sent me, it just vanished into everyone's mouths! Guess, that speaks for itself. Thank you Paperboat for bringing out the child in us.

Looking forward to many more reminisces and deliciousness from Paperboat!

Check my review on Paperboat beverages here.

Check out their website here.
Follow them on Twitter here.
Catch them on Facebook here.

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Return Of The Blogger

As you can see, the last time I blogged here was at the beginning of the year. And then, life happened, the usual rut and I seemed to be focusing on my book blog extensively. I must say it has been a good year as far as my book blog is concerned. I received a lot of books by authors/publishers for reviews and that made me work harder towards the blog. I also submitted many stories/articles for contests, which never got selected, by the way. No chuckling!

But yes, I did miss this personal blog of mine. I missed ranting endlessly about all things that matter to me, irritate me and madden me. I even stopped paying attention to my parenting blog and the excuse I have been giving is that I have been busy doing just that, parenting! Which in other words translate to screaming on top of my voice to get one simple job done like, for example, turning the TV off.

Yes, it has been a good year for my book blog, no doubt, but it came at a price. It is difficult to mange all the three with the same kind of dedication and sincerity but I look forward to trying that this coming year on wards. I hope that the new year will renew the crazy writer that has been in slumber for so long inside me and that I can grow (as a writer, not in size) and expand (again, not in size!)

Having mentioned size I must say, I have been working out and been able to successfully reduce a few kilos and tone up a bit here and a bit there. The journey is still on and I don't mind waiting for the perfect body, no matter how many years it takes! Geez, I can almost see my instructor rolling his eyes!

So, with all the positiveness of the festive season, I sincerely hope that I maintain my writings and ramblings and make my blogs a fun and informative place to visit, with your help, of course.

Season's Greetings to all!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Those Weak Moments

Happy 2016 everyone! Well, my new year started with relishing the company of my friends and having lots of fun with them. We are half a month down this year already and I have made some pacts with myself. Not resolutions, I just don't like to call them that. Resolutions are meant to be broken, you see. And this year, I don't want anything to be broken, neither my promises nor my will power. I am happy to announce that I have taken some steps towards better health and better writing! Yaaay! That deserves a pat on the back, no?

And although I am enjoying every bit of this new journey, today was especially tiring. A new workout regime, siting in front of the laptop since morning to get my son's admission form to load, trying out a new diet. I'm not going to bore you with the details but ultimately, one of these (or all of these) gave me a headache. AND I WAS SOUR. Yes. Have you ever seen Bruce turn into the massive, angry Hulk? Yeah, pretty much there.

So, apparently, the new diet didn't seem to adjust to it and the hulk in our story was both hungry and angry. It was hangry. It wandered around the kitchen for something to gobble down, to soothe its screaming stomach, but sadly didn't succeed. All it could find were some fruits. No, the sugar in those fruits wouldn't work. It needed a bigger sugar fix, that instant. So, it decided to get its hands on a humble bar of Twix. In no time the wrapper came off and there it sat, devouring every bit of it. The crumble from the biscuit, the caramel and the milk chocolate finally tamed the big, green beast down. With Twix doing the tango, the hangry hulk was gone. The world was once again a safe place!

Yeah, so that's what pretty much happened today. I shouldn't have given in, I know, but desperate times. So much for not breaking promises, huh? Well, I have been a good girl for the most part so I think I can be get away with this? Oops, I hope my trainer is not reading this!

So guys, lesson learned. Make changes for the better this year but do it with consistency and precision. If you're going to do it, give it your 100%. What was that? Okay, 99%, you happy now? :-)

Have a healthy and content new year y'all!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Made Of Great

Since childhood, if there’s one person I have admired, it is my mom. Now, for all children their mother is the driving force, the shoulder to cry on, the light at the end of the tunnel. And mine is no different. I myself am a mother, and now when I think back, I am just amazed at how she brought us sisters up, without contending herself in any way.

I have learned (and still do) a lot from her. She is the epitome of patience, tolerance and relentlessness. She still amazes me with her strong personality which doesn't seem to fade away with age, not even a tad bit. She is a self made person. A fearless, confident woman who faced new challenges totally out of her comfort zone and after a lot of learning and unlearning, emerged victorious. The best thing about her is that till today, she never shies away from learning. Even if it is from a toddler!

Probably she is this way because she witnessed my grandmother putting up a brave face in front of her eight children early on when my grandfather passed away unexpectedly. Without any regular source of income, my grandmother made sure all her children went to school, at a time when feeding them on a daily basis was a challenge. My mom grew up the hard way and probably that taught her the most valuable life lessons that she respects till today. That is the reason she used to hate it when we wasted food or made faces if we didn't get our favorite meals. That is the reason she is so fearless and tackles any situation with absolute courage and determination. That is the reason she competes with herself every day, to challenge herself so that she can be a better person in order to help others in need.

For me, my mom is divine. She possesses these qualities that elevate her to a godly status, I reckon. If you ask her friends they would describe her as the friendly, the ready-to-help person, who doesn't expect anything in return. To see such qualities in today's world, is a rarity, don't you think?

She tries to inculcate her qualities, her knowledge as far as possible in me. But being the lazy one, I hardly can match up to her. But there are certain things that have, thankfully, brushed on to me. One is to be true to myself without knowingly hurting anyone. As much as possible, I try not to cause any trouble to anybody. If I need to get something done, I will do so to the best of my ability no matter how difficult it may seem without taking any help from others. I like to be punctual, honest and genuine and these are some virtues that I have learned by merely observing my mom. Of course, if I can be even half of what she is one day, I would be in complete awe, if I may say so myself!

My mom is the one person who is made of greatness, who leaves a lasting impression on anyone who meets her. Simple, trustworthy and loving. That's what she is. I love you, mom!

Many such people are made of great. And a combination of such qualities can only result in more greatness. Like the association of Lionel Messi and Tata Motors. Both known for their reliability and trust, their joint commitment and conviction can only make lives better. Check out this link: TataMotors.

******   Post written for the Made Of Great campaign on Indiblogger  *******

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Very Happy Diwali to You!

'Tis the season when family and friends are together, when good takes over evil, when gifts of love are exchanged and when lights fade away the darkness in our lives. Be grateful for everything you have and spread love.

Wishing you all a very HAPPY DIWALI !

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